Professional hair and make-up is an art form, and I am passionate about art. I would love to use my brushes to transform you on your special day. Every woman has a unique beauty routine. This ritual is something very personal and that is why I like to work alongside you, to create a look that makes you feel like a more confident and beautiful version of yourself ...

May '15


What a beautiful wedding! I knew I would love Lillian & her mom from the moment I read their email. They have such a beautiful friendship & they are both such warm, creative and loving people!

Lillian wanted to look very natural, so I opted for a fresh and dewy look to compliment her natural features and lovely flower wreath.

I chose shades of peaches and plums on the eyes and a very soft apricot cheek. I completed the look with a mauve pink lip. Lillian wore the most beautiful flower crown, so we decided to do a soft curl and a delicate braid.

What a pretty picture! A big big thank you to the lovely & talented Nikki Meyer.

I love all your photos!










“Surely I have a delightful inheritance” ~ Psalm 16:6

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  1. Esme Engelbrecht

    Liefste Marli, dankie dat jy vir Lillian en haar strooimeisies so pragtig grimeer het en dankie dat jy almal so lekker rustig en kalm gehou het. Dankie ook dat jy n ou tannie soos ek met net soveel sorg en liefde grimeer het….jy het so diep in my hart geklim en ek bid jou net alles wat mooi is toe vir jou en jou gesin xxx

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